4mm Beveled Mirrors

LPN Trading carries the largest stock of popular sizes of beveled mirrors for next day shipping within all of continental North America.

All our 4mm mirrors have a 1-inch bevel. We pack 1100 sq ft per crate. Sizes:

14” x 36” 20” x 24” 24” x 60”
16” x 20” 22” x 28” 30” x 40”
18” x 30” 24” x 36”  
18” x 48”  

Clean-Cut Mirrors

Types: 2mm and 3mm

Two ways to order:

1. The 2mm clean-cut mirrors are packed 3300 sq ft per crate.
2. The 3mm are packed 2200 sq ft per crate Sizes:

12” x 12” 24” x 36” 48” x 72”
12” x 48” 32” x 40”  
22” x 28” 48” x 60”  

We also offer custom cut sizes for both 2mm and 3mm mirrors. To view our available stock currently in our warehouse for prompt shipping, pleaseview the chart at the bottom of the page.


Please refer to Contact Us to get a quote.

Packing and Shipping Advantages:

All our mirrors are pre-washed and packed with paper interleafing between sheets. This allows you to use the mirrors straight from the crate or carton without further cleaning.

We have a very extensive inventory that allows for next day shipping within all of continental North America.

We offer pick and pack. You can choose a variety sizes and quantities in the same order and they will be custom packed for shipping.

For larger quantities, we offer direct import from China by the container load.

For more details about shipping please refer to contact us.

Available Stock: